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American Economic Association Holds Presentations on Crypto, Blockchain


American Economic Association Holds Presentations on Crypto, Blockchain

Annual meeting of American Economic Association gives dedicated platform to cryptocurrency and blockchain research

The American Economic Association (AEA) will host four dedicated presentations of cryptocurrency and blockchain research today, Jan. 4, as part of its ongoing annual meeting.

The session, dubbed ‘Blockchain and Tokenomics,’ will cover four academic papers from various sources.

It will be hosted by the academic group the Econometrics Society and chaired by Lin William Cong, assistant professor of finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

The AEA is a major entity within the sphere of United States economics and beyond, and publishes the well-known journal the American Economic Review.

The appearance of an event dedicated to the cryptocurrency sphere as well as blockchain is notable for the organization, a sign of the technology’s ever increasing mainstream presence.

The four papers for the Jan. 4 session are titled ‘Decentralized Mining in Centralized Pools,’ ‘Cryptocurrencies: Stylized Facts on a New Investible Instrument,’ ‘A Theory of ICOs: Diversification, Agency, and Information Asymmetry’ and ‘Tokenomics: Dynamic Compensation for Decentralized Contribution.’

Covering a range of phenomena peculiar to crypto, the second paper, for example, examines how altcoins can net returns for investors and to what extent these are correlated with Bitcoin’s (BTC) performance.

Mining, the topic of Cong’s own paper, is also a pertinent subject under current conditions, as the Bitcoin price declines late last year spelled a period of intense upheaval in the sector.

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