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Indian Institute Rolls Out Advanced Program on FinTech and Blockchain


Indian Institute Rolls Out Advanced Program on FinTech and Blockchain

The Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and TalentSpirit are jointly launching a new program on fintech and blockchain for financial professionals

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Calcutta and training platform TalentSpirit are jointly offering an advanced programme in fintech and blockchain technology, local news outlet The Asian reported on Feb. 26.

The new program scheduled for this May is reportedly targeted at management and finance professionals aiming to educate participants on financial technologies growth and its potential impact on the banking and financial ecosystem.

The program director, professor Indranil Bose, stated that “a vast majority of firms in the banking and financial sector believe that the lack of adequate fintech talent is an existential threat to their future.” Bose added that the program aims to “equip and enable 2000 FinTech professionals in the next few years.”

The program will reportedly be offered both onsite at the IIM Calcutta and via live online sessions through the TalentSprint digital platform. TalentSprint is also going to deploy its platform to supervise the process and offer capstone projects for program participants.

IIM Calcutta is one of 20 Indian Institutes of Management located across the country. Established at the initiative of the first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, the IIMs are run by the IIM Council, which is headed by India’s Minister of Human Resource Development.

As a recent study conducted by software development firm Globant showed, while businesses are considering blockchain adoption, overall they do not feel ready to implement the technology. The report says that 64 percent of organizations are intent on investing in blockchain solutions to improve their internal operations, while only 46 percent of respondents feel ready to deploy the technology.

Earlier this month, Fudan University, China, established the Shanghai Blockchain Engineering Technology Research Center in collaboration with two other establishments in a bid carry out basic research on blockchain technology, demonstrate its application, as well as provide associated talent training.

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