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Crypto Terminal Allows Traders to Build Automated Strategies and Access Multiple Exchanges


Crypto Terminal Allows Traders to Build Automated Strategies and Access Multiple Exchanges

A startup is offering a crypto trading terminal that allows users to build strategies using a simple drag-and-drop interface, as well as access to an array of exchanges #SPONSORED

The startup that has built a “next-generation crypto trading terminal” says its product is focused on simplicity and automation — enabling traders to set up their strategies and spend evenings away from their screens.

Superorder says its crypto terminal is built for 24/7 trades. One of its platform’s features is the Strategy Builder, a tool enabling users to create trading strategies and sequences using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Once a strategy has been built, it is executed as soon as certain conditions are met.

In the spirit of compatibility, the Kyiv-based startup says its terminals give traders the opportunity to trade on any exchange from one place. While it has supported Bittrex, Binance and Coinbase since its launch, developers are planning to add Bitfinex, Poloniex, Bitmex and KuCoin in the not-too-distant future.

Launched in 2018, Superorder raised $500,000 in a funding round in August, which was led by the Ukrainian venture capital firm SMRK VC Fund.

“Fully customizable”

Superorder says its terminal caters to newcomers and professionals alike. While novice traders benefit from a user-friendly interface that sets things out visually to avoid confusion — along with support from a like-minded community — experienced traders have the opportunity to adjust the terminal’s settings in line with their own personal preferences.

Superorder says its Strategy Builder is comparable to an algorithmic scheme, where a sequence of key elements are executed step by step. The terminal offers a total of nine building blocks that traders can choose from when developing their strategies. As well as limit and market orders, where cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold at a predetermined price or instantly at market rates, a stop-loss function helps to insulate traders against heavy losses. Trailing stops also enable traders to create a moving stop loss that follows price changes in the market, helping them to achieve better rates even during periods of price volatility.

Superorder is available here

To allow for strategies to adapt and evolve depending on market conditions, forks are also offered, which can divide a strategy in two ways in reaction to a particular outcome.

According to Superorder, its trading terminal has the capacity to handle a multitude of strategies simultaneously, even if they lie across different exchanges and coin pairings. Developers are planning to add further technical indicators as time progresses, enabling traders to precisely tailor a strategy around their needs. In a bid to develop a community of traders, all strategies can easily be shared among friends, while experts have the ability to attract subscribers to pay for their insights.

An advanced side

Superorder says that it has been striving to add advanced tools in a bid to make its terminals attractive to professional traders. One such feature is the ability to execute “hidden orders,” meaning transactions remain concealed from other market players.

Its portfolio-tracking function involves gathering data from several exchanges, and then presenting users with an at-a-glance summary of the total value of their assets.

Presently, the terminal is in its public beta stage and is available for users to try. Two price tiers are provided for subscriptions, giving users the chance to pay $19.99 monthly or purchase a year’s access at $190 — a cheaper per-month rate at $15.90 Newly registered traders can also benefit from a two-week-long free trial.

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