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HTC Debuts Smartphone In-Wallet ERC-20 Token Swaps


HTC Debuts Smartphone In-Wallet ERC-20 Token Swaps

Consumer electronics giant HTC is rolling out in-wallet cryptocurrency trading for users of its Exodus 1 smartphone

Consumer electronics giant High Tech Computer (HTC) is rolling out in-walletcryptocurrency trading for users of its Exodus 1 smartphone, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph on May 14.

HTC, which this week announced a low-cost version of its blockchain smartphone would appear around Q3 2019, now allows Zion Vault users to swap between various cryptocurrencies.

The feature comes as a result of a partnership with Kyber Network, a dedicated platform for cross-token trading solutions.

Swaps involve a selection of Ethereum (ETH)-based ERC-20 tokens, including basic attention token (BAT), kyber network (KNC) and dai (DAI), and removes the need to send tokens to intermediaries such as exchanges.

As Cointelegraph reported, HTC intends to make its blockchain-enabled smartphone accessible to entry-level users. The more affordable model of the Exodus 1, dubbed the Exodus 1S, will also have the option of running a Bitcoin (BTC) network full node.

HTC is not alone in the blockchain smartphone arena, with South Korean giant Samsungannouncing its own wallet plans for the Galaxy S10 device earlier this year.

On Tuesday, local English-language media outlet Business Korea further reported wallets could find their way onto other Samsung smartphones targeting lower-income users.

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