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Blockchain Firm Raises $4 Million From Draper’s VC Fund to Provide Uncensorable Domains


Blockchain Firm Raises $4 Million From Draper’s VC Fund to Provide Uncensorable Domains

San Francisco-based blockchain firm Unstoppable Domains raised $4 million in a round backed by Tim Draper to offer domains that cannot be shut down

San Francisco-based blockchain domains firm Unstoppable Domains has secured $4 million in a funding round backed by venture capitalist Tim Draper, co-founder Brad Kam told Cointelegraph in an email on May 23.

Following a $730,000 seed round led by investment firm Boost VC, Unstoppable Domains has carried out a Series A round led by venture capital fund Draper Associates. The previous investment was completed in December 2018, a press release notes.

The new investment funds will be used in the company’s mission to provide blockchain-powered uncensorable websites, as well as simple payments in major cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin (BTC), ethereum (ETH), litecoin (LTC) and others.

By bringing blockchain to the domains industry, Unstoppable Domains intends to “spread free speech around the world,” decentralizing domain names and websites that cannot be controlled by a third party, Draper said in the announcement.

Similar to a cryptocurrency stored in a digital wallet, Unstoppable Domains’ websites are stored in a user’s wallet, while the content is stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) or other decentralized storage networks.

Unstoppable Domains also plans to incorporate blockchain domains with users’ crypto addresses. The company reportedly allows users to replace a wallet’s address with their short domain name that claims to enable simple transactions in crypto.

Recently, electronics supplier Bosch expressed the company’s willingness to take an active position in protecting the openness of the Internet of Things against censorship.

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