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Salesforce Introduces Hyperledger-Based Blockchain Platform


Salesforce Introduces Hyperledger-Based Blockchain Platform

Major cloud software firm Salesforce has introduced its blockchain-powered product

Major United States-based cloud software firm Salesforce, has introduced its own blockchain platform, the firm said in a live stream on May 29.

The new product, Salesforce Blockchain, is based on the firm’s own application builder Salesforce Lightning and open source blockchain technology by Hyperledger.

Salesforce Blockchain is a low-code blockchain platform that provides companies with the tools to build smart contracts, app and networks in order to share verified data using distributed ledger technology (DLT). The product also enables the automation of a number of processes based on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

Currently available to selected partners, Salesforce Blockchain platform has reportedly been implemented by American institutions, including market intelligence firm S&P Global, leading global provider of advanced analytics IQVIA, and Arizona State University. Salesforce expects to roll out its blockchain platform to the general public in 2020.

Previously, Salesforce acquired a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to detect spam emails using blockchain technology.

Recently, Hyperledger introduced a set of tools to improve the interoperability of different types of blockchain-based data. Dubbed “Hyperledger Aries,” the set of tools purportedly enables an efficient exchange of blockchain data, supports peer-to-peer messaging and facilitates interactions between different blockchains and other distributed ledger technologies.

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