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Crypto Platform Launches Smart Trading Feature to Speed Up Process of Buying and Selling


Crypto Platform Launches Smart Trading Feature to Speed Up Process of Buying and Selling

A crypto trading platform says it offers an array of novel features — including smart trading, a marketplace for strategies and complimentary backtesting #SPONSORED

A crypto platform has unveiled a new Smart Trading feature that enables existing strategies to be executed with ease — cutting down the steps required to complete a trade so that users can react faster to ever-changing markets.

Through Kryll, crypto enthusiasts can easily choose the exchange they wish to use for buying or selling cryptocurrency, their desired trading pair and the amount they wish to transact. From here, buy targets and stop-losses can be added instantly. For those who wish to embark on more complex strategies, an advanced mode is available.

According to the company’s website, its emphasis has been on creating an interface that is easy for both inexperienced and seasoned traders to follow — with a clever design offering familiarity to the pieces of software we all use every day. Strategies can be built from scratch using a drag-and-drop tool, delivering “an infinite number of combinations” for crypto enthusiasts to experiment with. Whereas other platforms can be somewhat more prescriptive when it comes to the options afforded to a community, Kryll’s aim is to put the power firmly in their user’s hands, the team notes.

This approach is also put to the test through a novel feature in which users can rent strategies from fellow traders in a custom-build marketplace, giving them the chance to explore combinations they may never have contemplated before. As well as helping to democratize the trading world, this method helps deliver a whole new social element to strategizing — and successful users are incentivized to make their methods available for others to peruse.

Kryll is available here

“Powerful tools”

Kryll says its smart trading functionality and marketplace is complemented by a range of powerful features that make it easier for users to execute strategies in line with their vision — and faster. A pro mode delivers detailed charts and top-of-the-line tools that help traders put their strategies to the test, bringing technical analysis into the heart of every transaction. A companion app also means that traders can effortlessly access their strategies while they are on the move.

The company claims that, since its platform was publicly released back in January 2019, it has attracted more than 11,000 registered users. Trading efficiency has further been boosted by the addition of new blocks — and Kryll says that it stands out from the crowd because of how its business has flourished ever since its initial coin offering concluded, while others have faded into insignificance or closed altogether.

For everyone

According to the company, every single user has the potential to benefit from massive amounts of data — whether they want to review market movements over a 24-month period or over the space of a minute. Unlimited back-testing without any impediments is offered free of charge, and automated strategies devised through Kryll can run 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Although no subscription is required, the platform enables traders to further enhance the speeds of back-testing, boost their number of trading spots and lower their costs by signing up to one of five pricing plans.

Further milestones are planned for the rest of 2019 and 2020. A global marketing boost is scheduled for the summer, and the team says that the power of Kryll will be “unleashed” when version two of its “Editor” platform is released this winter. Looking ahead to next year, machine learning-based features are tipped to launch early next year.

Kryll describes itself as an agnostic trading platform and already supports those who wish to work through major exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Liquid and KuCoin.

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