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Blockchain and AI Bond, Explained


Blockchain and AI Bond, Explained

Learn about AI and blockchain, and how they are increasingly bound together in innovation and tech evolution

Even with these challenges ahead, several companies and organizations are already introducing AI into blockchain to produce results.

There are already several promising projects merging the technologies that span a variety of fields. Recently, blockchain-based Cortex has announced the launch of an AI-based network for decentralized applications (DApps), which can help optimize financial services. The company hopes to use the technology to generate credit reports for decentralized financial services, construct better anti-fraud systems, and even assist in gaming and esports.

Other companies, such as Endor, have taken a narrower approach. The organization, which offers a powerful AI-based predictive analytics tool, deploys blockchain to create a more scalable engine and access to more data. While the project is aimed at business users, it does significantly democratize predictive analytics technology.

For financial services, companies like Peculium (a savings management platform), AiX (a financial trading platform that offers trader-to-trader capabilities) and Autonio (a trading terminal that facilitates crypto trading) all deliver improvements over existing solutions and tools.

Finally, some projects are working to make AI integration simpler, such as Singularity Net, which offers a decentralized network for users to create and monetize AI services easily.

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