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BlockShow Asia 2019: Cointelegraph to Moderate Special Event for Journalists


BlockShow Asia 2019: Cointelegraph to Moderate Special Event for Journalists

Cointelegraph is going to moderate a closed event for journalists at the BlockShow Asia 2019 conference in Singapore

Cointelegraph is going to moderate an international media event at the BlockShow Asia 2019 conference in Singapore.

The closed session for journalists will take place at Marina Bay Sands on Nov. 13 — a day before the so-dubbed “Festival of Decentralized Technology” begins.

Organizers say the event, known as BlockShow Medialogue, will bring top media outlets and PR agencies under the same roof, enabling them to network and discuss new trends.

Addy Crezee, CEO of BlockShow, said:

“Events are important and Medialogue is a great step for all journalists interested in the decentralized tech space to gather together and make a step forward. There are lots of things to discuss and share, that’s a totally new field for the media.”

Lively debate on a wide range of challenges facing the crypto media industry is also expected.

Issues such as how best to communicate with anonymous sources are likely to feature on the agenda, alongside the ethical concerns surrounding how ground-breaking stories can have an impact on the market. Other potential themes include best practices for fact-checking articles and weeding out scams — as well as the criteria for what makes a news story in this ever-evolving industry.

BlockShow Medialogue also hopes to enable outlets to reach consensus on some of the most contentious issues in newsrooms (should Bitcoin have a capital B?) and explore whether there are alternative ways to monetize content beyond advertising.

Kristina Lucrezia Corner, Cointelegraph’s managing editor and head of features, said:

“It’s important to start a dialogue between different media groups covering fintech because we are still a minority, and our mission is to bring high-quality journalism into the crypto sector.”

Crypto news outlets have grown in importance amid criticism of how some mainstream media organizations have covered developments in the industry. While some institutions are accused of portraying cryptocurrencies and blockchain in an overly negative light, others have come under fire for uninformed reports and a lack of depth — with the stories covered frequently focusing on Bitcoin prices.

In May, BlockShow announced that the concept for its event had changed. To focus discussion and cultivate innovative thought, the two-day event has been subdivided into ten conferences including trading, regulations, privacy and marketing.

Journalists interested in attending Medialogue can fill out a registration form on the BlockShow website. Organizers have stressed that passes are strictly limited because of the venue’s closed format.

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