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Crypto Wallet’s Browser Offers Thousands of DApps in One Place


Crypto Wallet’s Browser Offers Thousands of DApps in One Place

Downloading DApps can be time-consuming and memory-intensive, but a mobile crypto wallet has unveiled a novel feature to get around this problem #SPONSORED

A mobile crypto wallet has announced that users can now effortlessly access thousands of decentralized applications (DApps) directly through its platform.

Lumi Wallet says its motivation is to create a one-stop-shop for crypto enthusiasts — a whole ecosystem focused on convenience and simplicity.

At the heart of this strategy has been an ambition to streamline the process of downloading DApps. According to Lumi Wallet, it was driven to act after seeing how frustrating the experience can be for smartphone and tablet owners. Not only do individual pieces of software take up a lot of precious memory, but it can be time-consuming and arduous to download them — clogging up home screens.

Now, Lumi says it wants to make the decentralized web a straightforward and enjoyable place to spend time — enabling users to become more productive. Through its DApp browser, users have the freedom to explore the broad range of applications available. It’s also possible to narrow down a search based on category — perfect for gamers, traders and creatives, the team notes. Once a user has found the perfect DApp, it can be connected to their wallet in a matter of clicks.

At present, Lumi Wallet primarily supports Ethereum applications, but the company is planning to become compatible with EOS DApps in the not-too-distant future. In explaining its rationale, the crypto platform said there are a broad range of ambitious EOS-inspired projects that are currently not supported by wallets — leaving them out of reach of a sizeable number of crypto consumers.

Another Lumi milestone

Lumi Wallet says its latest innovation comes hot off the heels of Lumi Collect, a digital wallet in which gamers could store crypto collectibles such as ERC-721 tokens and nonfungible tokens. The software enables users to experience blockchain games on their smartphones and complete Ethereum transactions with ease.

Lumi Wallet is available here

After receiving positive feedback from the DApp community, the company decided to integrate a DApp browser into its flagship product as well, enabling the crypto community at large to experience the same benefits.

Additional features have been added to Lumi Wallet on a regular basis. In July, users were given the ability to buy, sell and exchange EOS directly from the app — making swaps and purchases effortless. Ultimately, the company says its motivation is to offer a process so simple that it is almost forgettable — so straightforward that it’s as much a part of everyday life as paying for a coffee with cash.

Enhancements have also been made to the Lumi Web Wallet, appeasing those who prefer to manage their cryptocurrencies on a desktop device. Following a recent release, users have the freedom to exchange Bitcoin, Ether and more than 900 ERC-20 tokens. The ability to purchase crypto with fiat is also in the pipeline.

The road ahead

Looking toward the rest of 2019, Lumi says it is planning to move to an open-source model. While acknowledging that this milestone will involve a lot of work, the company believes that the advantages this will deliver will outweigh the effort. Once completed, the platform hopes its community will become bigger, stronger and more trustworthy.

Additional improvements are also being made to Lumi Collect — broadening the range of games that its loyal user base can enjoy. More than 20 titles are scheduled to be launched over the course of 2019, and the company has invited the community to offer suggestions about the games they would like to see added next.

Every single product in the Lumi stable is also being localized one by one. This is because the company has a vision of ensuring that every single user can benefit from its wallets with ease — irrespective of their language and location.

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