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Coinbase CEO Wants Firm to Move Beyond Trading in Next 5 Years


Coinbase CEO Wants Firm to Move Beyond Trading in Next 5 Years

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong said that he expects the company to be less about trading and more focused on driving crypto adoption

Brian Armstrong, CEO of major American crypto exchange and wallet service Coinbase, believes that the firm will be less about trading and more about adoption five years from now.
Armstrong wants the firm to connect people in crypto industry
In an AMA session on July 19, Armstrong presented his vision of the company in five years, claiming that he sees Coinbase as not just a crypto trading service provider, but rather a more universal entity driving adoption to crypto.
Armstrong pointed out Coinbase’s mission to help grow the global crypto economy by connecting people in the market and expanding crypto community to help people use cryptocurrencies for more than just buying and selling. In this regard, Armstrong cited some recent Coinbase developments, such as incentivized crypto educational program Coinbase Earn, as well as preparations to soon enable crypto lending and margin trading on Coinbase. Armstrong explained:
“In five years I hope that we’ll have it even further beyond that. There’ll be thousands of companies that’ll be crypto-first.”
Armstrong supports people who left Coinbase to run their own crypto projects
As a part of Coinbase’s crypto adoption driver mission, Armstrong has also expressed his positive stance to former Coinbase employees who decided to leave the company to launch a new successful crypto project. Coinbase CEO noted the existing term of Coinbase mafia, recalling roughly ten people who have quit Coinbase to run successful crypto companies.
Armstrong appeared to encourage these former employees, claiming that he really wants people to learn from Coinbase and spread their knowledge to bring more adoption. “We‘re just gonna keep doing more and more of that,” Armstrong said, still adding that Coinbase is a multi product company.
On July 12, Armstrong said that a recent anti-Bitcoin (BTC) tweet by United States President Donald Trump unlocked another achievement for crypto industry, indicating that crypto industry is independent of global powers and that those powers cannot shut crypto down.

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