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Tracker Offers One-Stop Shop for Easy Crypto Market Analysis


Tracker Offers One-Stop Shop for Easy Crypto Market Analysis

A price tracker says it offers a visually compelling alternative to text in tables for crypto enthusiasts who want to monitor price movements #SPONSORED

A website that delivers live cryptocurrency prices and market capitalizations in visual form has unveiled a suite of updates and new features.

Coin360 displays the latest market movements for coins and tokens in proportionately sized blocks based on their market capitalizations. Every block shows the cryptocurrency’s ticker, current price and percentage change — and charts can also be accessed by hovering over the block. Colors illustrate when prices change: green when values have risen, red when they are in decline and gray when there is no movement. Users have the ability to analyze the market’s performance over a period of their choosing, whether this is an hour, a day, a week or a month. Customized date ranges are also available.

With hundreds of cryptocurrencies out in the marketplace today, most enthusiasts are only interested in a handful of coins and tokens. To this end, Coin360 has introduced watchlists — a tool that enables visitors to monitor a select few cryptocurrencies. Through watchlists, a user can create a curated list featuring the coins they hold and can keep track of the top-50 coins and tokens.

Elsewhere on the main page, Coin360 users can switch tabs to assess the performance of major crypto exchanges. This data is neatly organized to show which platforms have verified data — and which don’t. Hovering over each supported exchange offers additional information, such as the number of trading pairs offered, whether margin trading is available, maker and taker fees, and the fiat currencies accepted for deposits.

For those who are new to crypto, the team offers a blog that delivers daily and weekly overviews on the state of the market, along with detailed summaries that break down complicated crypto topics.

A scrolling ticker at the bottom of the screen delivers the latest crypto news headlines from trusted sources — giving visitors live information about the current events that might be driving prices upward or downward.

Coin360 is available here

Suite of updates

An array of filters is provided to help visitors cut through the noise and achieve maximum relevance on every visit. The base currency used to display information can be switched from the United States dollar to the euro, pound or Chinese yuan — and the 200 coins with the biggest gains or losses over 24 hours can be brought up at the touch of a button.

The Liquidity Book provides users with insight into the best prices that are available for buying or selling cryptocurrencies. This is achieved by comparing the market depths of multiple exchanges and presenting them in ascending or descending order. Specific platforms can also be selected if a user wants to contrast its offering with rivals — making it ideal for discovering the smallest price a coin can be bought for and the highest price it can be sold.

For some crypto enthusiasts graphical representations may be more effective in helping them to understand what’s going on than text in tables. However, for those who are struggling to pull themselves away from the old-fashioned approach, a table view is still available.

The team notes that the table view provides vital statistics about crypto exchanges, including when they launched, the number of followers and subscribers they have on Twitter and Reddit respectively, and their reviews on Trustpilot.

Coin360 says its main motivation has been to deliver features that cannot be found elsewhere in the crypto industry, all while ensuring that visitors only see the information that’s relevant to them.

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