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Updated Bitfinex Mobile App Now Includes Derivatives Trading Support


Updated Bitfinex Mobile App Now Includes Derivatives Trading Support

Bitfinex announces the latest update to its mobile app, which now includes derivatives trading support

Cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex has announced the latest updates and optimizations to its mobile app.

New version features support for derivatives trading

On Oct. 11, cryptocurrency trading platform Bitfinex presented the newest version of the Bitfinex mobile app, which includes derivatives trading support as well as in-app access to Bitfinex Reports 2.0.

Version 3.19.3 of the Bitfinex mobile application features support for derivatives, including pairs, charts, order form with a leverage slider, order history and positions.

Users of the updated mobile app can now also gain access through an in-app browser to Bitfinex’s Reports 2.0, where they can instantly compile an overview of account information as far back as account history goes.

In the announcement, Bitfinex said that the above updates and optimizations to the app were suggested by its client base.

The first version of the app launched in October 2018 and has since received multiple updates, improvements and bug fixes.

Class-action suit against Bitfinex

Cointelegraph previously reported that a New York-based legal firm had filed a lawsuit against Bitfinex, accusing them of cryptocurrency market manipulation. The law firm is alleging that the stablecoin firm and affiliated crypto exchange have been involved in defrauding investors, manipulating markets and concealing illicit proceeds.

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