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Deutsche Börse Aims to Ease Digital Securities Transfer With New Deal


Deutsche Börse Aims to Ease Digital Securities Transfer With New Deal

Deutsche Börse expands digital securities capabilities

The venture capital arm of German marketplace Deutsche Börse has sealed a new partnership for allowing institutional investors to obtain digital securities.

Deutsche Börse pushes regulated digital securities

In a press release on Oct. 30, Deutsche Börse Venture Network (DBVN) confirmed the deal with local fintech company Cashlink, the benefits of which will be available immediately.

From now on, investors with DBVN will be able to complete the funding process entirely digitally using tools based on so-called distributed ledger technology, or DLT.

The digital securities will automatically have the same regulation guarantee as Deutsche Börse’s regular offerings.

“With this new offering from our partner, we are able to simplify the process of raising capital for startups on our network, and all within an existing regulatory framework,” DBVN director Peter Fricke commented in the press release.

Fricke added the company would be depending on its working relationship with Cashlink, which has operated out of Frankfurt since 2016.

Germany continues blockchain innovation

Last week, Deutsche Börse completed a trial of tokenized securities settlement with German banking institution Commerzbank.

“Digital securities are used for various purposes, for example as an alternative to regular venture financing, as digital employee shares ownership, as a digital representation of venture funds or for funding for non-European investors,” Michael Duttlinger, CEO of Cashlink, added.

Germany is slowly gaining ground in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency regulation, after spending years adopting a hawkish policy which slowed innovation in both sectors.

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