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StrainSecure Seed-to-Sale Blockchain Cannabis Tracker Is a Gamechanger


StrainSecure Seed-to-Sale Blockchain Cannabis Tracker Is a Gamechanger

Medical cannabis companies rush to sign up for blockchain-secured cannabis tracker

Medical cannabis companies are rushing to sign up for the world’s first blockchain-secured platform for tracking product from seed-to-sale, according to a report from ProActiveInvestors on Jan. 3.

The StrainSecure platform, developed by TruTrace, provides testing, DNA-based validation and product guarantees for patients and customers.

Seed-to-sale tracking

The immutable, cryptographically-secure platform enables cannabis producers to foster enhanced trust among customers in an industry famous for unreliable supply chains.

“By focusing on granular genetic, chemical and contaminant data, as well as motion and movement information and then merging that into a blockchain we are able to provide real-time data on each product being purchased.”

Pilot recently completed

Major players in the medical cannabis industry like WeedMD and Harvest One Cannabis recently took part in a pilot project for the platform. As part of the pilot, WeedMD put 40 of its strains through validation.

As Cointelegraph reported, Aeternity is launching a blocking-tracking platform for cannabis in Uruguay. However, the StrainSecure platform goes further in its testing and DNA-based validation.

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