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Experts Share: What Will Bitcoin’s Price Look Like in 2020?


Experts Share: What Will Bitcoin’s Price Look Like in 2020?

Cointelegraph asked experts about their predictions for the minimum and maximum prices Bitcoin might have in 2020

I believe no one can seriously predict price levels — this hasn’t worked in 2016, 2017, 2018 and neither this year. So, my prediction is $100,000 for one BTC by the end of 2020, which is probably more wishful thinking. But on a more serious note: I remain bullish on the lead currency that BTC is for two reasons: We see a lot of incumbents, traditional banks, wealth managers, and even asset managers moving into crypto. That’s actually my daily work: defining strategies for them on how to successfully enter the arena and bring their clients — but also their own organization and culture — into the crypto world. Alongside that, we’ll see much more what I call “BTC-access products”: derivatives on BTC, mutual funds, and — one day — ETFs. The second reason is, in my view, that BTC is indeed the lighthouse currency in an increasingly complex non-fiat ecosystem: Think security tokens and stablecoins hitting the markets, they will be pegged to their respective underlyings, so BTC as an “independent,” liquid, popular and noncorrelated cryptocurrency will actually gain in appeal, also because of the stability of the blockchain “behind” Bitcoin. Here, the miners play a key role, so I’m always following closely, for example, how miners make choices across Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

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