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New Partnership Aims to Link Blockchain Communities From Africa and Asia


New Partnership Aims to Link Blockchain Communities From Africa and Asia

Quras, a smart contract platform in Asia has partnered with Africa’s non-profit blockchain association, BNUG, to connect the two blockchain communities

Quras, a smart contract platform that enables anonymous, private-protected transactions, has partnered with non-profit association Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG).

According to a Feb. 5press release from Quras, the new partnership will enable Quras to expand its community and developer base beyond Asia and to the continent of Africa ahead of its mainnet launch in early April.

BNUG, which is headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria and started in 2016, is a non-profit organization aiming to improve blockchain education, development and adoption in Nigeria and across Africa. BNUG is also a member of the Organization of Blockchain Technology Users, a dually-registered and incorporated trust with Nigeria’s Corporate Affairs Commission.

A BNUG spokesperson told Cointelegraph that its programs and initiatives intend to empower people in Africa to develop blockchain coding and infrastructure skills. The foundational knowledge of blockchain application development and multi-platform exposures will allow participants to learn how to build smart contracts.

BNUG sees blockchain technology as an enabler that can help transform the fortunes of Africa. BNUG’s leader, Chimezie Chuta, said in the press release that by partnering with Quras, it would be a win-win situation for both sides.

“The partnership will provide Quras with massive brand exposure in Africa. Secondly, our local developers will be exposed to the Quras privacy-focused blockchain platform and they will be able to learn how to build solutions on the platform.”

Quras expands its presence in African market

Through the new partnership, Quras aims to gain access to the Nigerian market and explore the greater emerging market economies of sub-Saharan Africa.

Quras CEO Shigeki Kakutani comments in the press release that building a strong developer based community with BUNG is important for the company:

“Currently, there are more than 500 blockchain engineers in BNUG and we envision the association to reach their target of 1,000 engineers. A strong and growing developer community is very important for Quars as these engineers will lead the future development of applications on our platform.”

Africa has been investing in blockchain technology

As blockchain technology finds traction across multiple industries in Africa, the community is taking strides to develop its talent pool on the continent. Cointelegraph reported a few months ago that the Africa Blockchain Institute will open Rwanda’s first blockchain school in 2020.New courses such as blockchain essentials certification; blockchain coding, blockchain enterprise and blockchain for lawyers will be offered to the local developers,professionals and leaders.

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