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Crypto Donation App BABB Waives Fees For Coronavirus Fundraisers


Crypto Donation App BABB Waives Fees For Coronavirus Fundraisers

Run an eligible fundraiser related to COVID-19 and you’ll pay no fees on BABB

Crypto wallet banking and donation app BABB has announced the debut of its top-up function, a fee-waiving cash-out policy for COVID-19 fundraisers on its platform.

According to the announcement, the company has also added a fiat gateway that every Android and iOS user will have access to. BABB clarifies that as long as the users pass the Know-Your-Customer verifications, they will be eligible.

That said, customers who have not previously used BAX tokens or who are not familiar with trading or exchange platforms will be able to buy the BAX tokens directly with a credit or debit card.

The feature will also allow withdrawals and sending fiat funds to bank accounts.

The app is now listed on the Google Play Store

The company’s app has also appeared in the Google Play Store after inviting more than 13,000 people to participate in its beta in February. BABB clarifies that the Android app will be available in 47 countries.

BABB CEO and Chief Strategy Officer Joy offered the following statement:

“BABB is launching to the public with a humble offering, but we certainly hope that it will be more than enough to encourage people around the world to connect and foster a sense of global community to support each other in these challenging times.”

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