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AI Meme Content Creators Benefit From New DeFi Revenue Model


AI Meme Content Creators Benefit From New DeFi Revenue Model

New DeFi revenue model is allowing Alethea AI users to support their favorite AI-generated meme creators

Alethea AI, a decentralized Synthetic Content Network which tracks the usage and intellectual property of AI-generated content, has officially launched a new revenue model leveraging Decentralized Finance(DeFi) for content creators on March 30.

DeFi plays an important role

Alethea AI’s users can now leverage a new smart contracts revenue model to support their favorite synthetic AI-generated memes creators, according to the announcement.

Users staking Dai can generate interest through the Compound.Finance protocol. This revenue can then be used to support the creation of synthetic memes. At the same time, users do not have to trust any third party and can unstake their DAI in a permissionless manner.

Users in return are rewarded with ALE tokens and have a chance to vote on new AI-generated memes. Holders of the ALE token can commission the creation of synthetic memes directly. Arif Khan, the CEO, and co-founder of Alethea AI added that:

“Being able to create a new source of income for the meme creators on our platform, while ensuring that our users do not incur a loss, makes us really excited to see how the overall crypto industry will respond to this new no-loss way of sponsoring content and whether other content creators will adopt this methodology.”

More stablecoin projects may join in the future

Alethea AI aims to allow other individuals and organizations to launch their own meme creator profiles on Alethea AI’s platform so that they can benefit from Meme Pools and leverage existing AI technologies. Alethea AI will also be partnering with other stablecoin projects to integrate more stablecoins in the near future.

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