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Crypto mainstream adoption: Is it here already? Experts Answer, Part 2


Crypto mainstream adoption: Is it here already? Experts Answer, Part 2

What does mass adoption mean for the blockchain industry? Has it started yet? If not, what could get it going?

David is the founder of XX Network, a consumer-scale, quantum-ready online platform that allows users to communicate and exchange value without revealing so-called “metadata.”

“Mass adoption has absolutely started. Back in early November, I was at a Lakers game at what was until very recently the Staples Center, now the Center, here in Los Angeles. paid parent company AEG $700 million for those naming rights. So, not only could it afford it, it saw this as a sound business decision. Nothing implies a popular brand like having a sports arena named after it (unless you’re Comcast, in which case, well, that may not help.) Anyway, before the game started, I was buying some Bitcoin ETF on Nasdaq, where it is now traded, with my phone — while also trying to get the McDonald’s McRib NFTs, valued at only $20. So, even if they stop selling that legendary sandwich again in the U.S., I’d always have its image to gaze at. While I was waiting, I saw the new Tom Brady FTX commercial. Apparently, you can loathe Tom Brady and still want to trade on FTX. Does that mean FTX is more popular than Tom Brady? Seriously though, all this does signal that crypto is going mainstream.

What could help: a little privacy, please. In fact, more than a little.”

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