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What’s ahead for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 3


What’s ahead for crypto and blockchain in 2022? Experts answer, Part 3

Here’s what blockchain industry insiders foresee in the development of the blockchain and crypto space in the new year of 2022.

Beili is the research analyst at Nansen’s platform, which combines on-chain data with a proprietary database of activity across over 100 million blockchain wallets to provide real-time, actionable insights for investors and financial institutions on the expanding blockchain ecosystem.

“2022 will be a very interesting year as we see the continuation and push toward mass adoption for cryptocurrencies globally. Regulation is one thing that is constantly being mentioned and reviewed in the space. Regulations are now seen as a positive rather than a negative in the crypto world as we move toward global adoption. However, with many countries eager for greater acceptance, countries that are constantly pushing back will be left behind.

More adoption could come in as well once regulation in the space becomes clearer, and more significant institutional money (such as pension funds) starts flowing into the space. Additionally, the DeFi space is very much fragmented at the moment. The rise of layer-one and layer-two solutions aiming to solve the scalability issue has resulted in ecosystem silos and inefficient markets (e.g., fragmented liquidity, lock-up periods to move funds on layer two, etc.). As a result, greater interoperability between the various chains and layers will undoubtedly increase adoption in the coming years. It is also worth mentioning that adoption will increase significantly as the convergence of various technologies such as NFTs, VR, AR, etc. start to create new games and experiences that interact with tokenized assets. We are already seeing major corporations embracing the rise of the Metaverse. As a result, it is safe to say that the next wave of adoption will come by means of collectibles, art, digital content and games.”

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