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How can UK-based businesses accept Bitcoin?


How can UK-based businesses accept Bitcoin?

Through Bitcoin payment processors like BitPay, businesses in the UK can offer BTC as a payment method during checkout.

United Kingdom companies that accept Bitcoin include Lush, Etsy, Microsoft, Shopify, CheapAir and others.

Lush, a cosmetics company established in the U.K., accepts BTC payments to increase the number of available payment methods worldwide. But does Amazon accept Bitcoin in the U.K.? And how do businesses accept Bitcoin payments?

Bitcoin payments are not directly accepted by Amazon. However, it is possible to buy Amazon gift cards that may be used to make purchases on the Amazon UK website through Bitcoin payment service providers like BitPay and CoinGate.

Similar to Amazon, Lush accepts crypto payments in the U.K. via BitPay. Users usually need to go through basic steps as follows:

  • Select BitPay during checkout.
  • Get the BitPay Wallet app or connect your preferred wallet.
  • Choose Bitcoin from the available options.
  • To finish your transaction, manually enter the transaction details or scan the QR code.
  • One will be able to track their order in their wallet’s purchases.

If someone wants to buy an Xbox gift card with crypto, they will need to follow the below steps:

  • Download the BitPay app or BitPay extension.
  • Select a gift card to purchase.
  • Decide how much money you want to put on the gift card.
  • Pay for your gift card with Bitcoin.
  • After payment is verified, you will receive your gift card instantly for use at the Microsoft Store, on Xbox or on Windows.

On the contrary, although Etsy does not have its own platform for accepting Bitcoin as payment, independent merchants using Etsy are free to offer BTC as a payment method option during checkout. Similarly, in the e-commerce world, Shopify allows online sellers to accept crypto payments in the United Kingdom.

Other companies like CheapAir, eBay and Starbucks also accept BTC or payments in other cryptocurrencies via Bitcoin payment service providers, and the steps are almost similar as mentioned above.

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